Honorable Tom Graves

Honorable Tom Graves

President and CEO

As a north Georgia country boy, Tom’s life has been fueled by one slogan his father shared with him: Dream Big, Work Hard, and Achieve Much.

‍He’s been a small business owner, a real estate investor, a Georgia State Representative and a member of Congress. As a U.S. Representative for more than a decade, he has prioritized relationship building, pursuing creative solutions and executable strategies to address some of the biggest challenges facing our country, placing him in the center of all major policy decisions in Washington.

As a senior member of the Appropriations Committee in the U.S. House, overseeing more than a trillion dollars of annual spending, he has a unique understanding of the complexities of government funding, operations and the agencies at the forefront of change.

As Vice Chair of the Special Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, he led the effort to modernize one of our nation’s oldest institutions. Pushing the envelope and disrupting the status quo to get Congress working better for all Americans.

Tom also serves as an ABC News Contributor, and a Member of the Board for both Nuclear Matters and the Former Members of Congress.

When he’s not working in Washington, he’s back home in Ranger, running on the state’s beautiful roads and trails, planning a hunting trip, grilling out with the family or eating popcorn while binge watching Billions.